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Rahmat Museum

"Rahmat" Museum & the International wild animal Gallery was the only museum in Asia that had about 600 species of fauna collection from various countries, and has recorded in Record Book and accepted the International appreciation in conservation field for animal conservation. In this Gallery there are various wild animal collections from the smallest to the biggest ordered by their origins. The pleasant atmosphere, the building with beautiful architecture, brought us into the world of the wild animal life as well as the astonishing natural environment, to give the pleasant experience for the visitor. We will enjoy the beauty of nature and the diversity of the animal from difference places in the world. The collection from "African Big Game" that astonishing, made enchanted, Elephants, Rhinoceros, Lions, Buffalos and the African Leopards as well as the species like Bongos, Kudus, and various wolf species that will give the special impression.





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