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Peacock Jigsaws DSC08606

Peacock Jigsaws DSC08606
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A BCD member descended from William Peacock provided this display of Peacock boxes to illustrate his talk. William Peacock, 3 Adelaide Terrace Dame St London, specialised in educational wooden puzzles between 1860-1910 especially maps and bible subjects. These were often double sided with a map on one side and images of kings and queens on the other. The early puzzles were presented in wooden boxes with sliding lids with beautiful artwork on the outside. The hardwood blanks were usually cut to a set pattern with interlocking edges and following the county boundaries inside. Subjects included nursery stories, alphabets and technology trains and ships.

The dark box with the Peacock seal is a game set containing eight small comparably difficult jigsaws which contestants race to finish. Other makers such as Tuck and Parker made similar competition sets.

From about 1910 and during WW1 wood was becoming more expensive and cardboard boxes were introduced. Peacock were also acting as a contract manufacturer for other retailers such as Selfridges, Gamages, Boots, Schoolbred etc. The puzzles can be recognised by their cuts, the boxes and terminology on the labels. Peacock's ranges included Toys to Teach and Playtime. In 1931 Peacock became part of Chad Valley, and the plain cardboard boxes were used up by the new owner.
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